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DOBJanuary 24
Height5' 2"
Weight117 lbs.
FDAU ClassFreshman

Tiffany Teen
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Dean phil-flash avatarThe 18 year old Tiffany Teen, is quite the naughty schoolgirl. She lied to her proud single mom! Instead of choosing the local community college, like she had agreed to with mom, Tiff came to see me... Dean phil-flash and enrolled herself into Face Down Ass Up University. Mom was quite pissed when she recieved her first tuition bill. So angry she was, that she came to my office on campus to let me know how she felt about it... as well as how proud of upset with her daughter's sexy yearbook picture sets and videos she was.

Tiffany showed up at my office with her own version of a schoolgirl uniform, which was very sexy and naughty looking if you ask me. Her platinum blonde hair was in pig tails, she wore a pair of nerdy glasses, a white blouse, a pleated denim mini skirt, white knee socks, and authentic Mary Jane schoolgirl shoes. WOW... talk about wanting to fratenize with the ah... students body!

This bubble butt and curvy teen was a little nervous for her first yearbook photo and video shoot, so I allowed her to enroll into the freshman class. Which means, that she could pose in the non nude genre. But don't let that stop you from becoming a member, because Tiffany has this extremely rare and unique ability to look into the camera lens and just completely mind fuck you.

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