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Face Down Ass Up University has 48 enrolled schoolgirls at this time.

Loveable Lacey
Megan Summers
Kendall Blaze
Next Door Nikki
Teen Kasia
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Jessie Cox
Cock Cox-Suckology

Become a Faculty Member, and smack one off to this 18 year old's confiscated personal video. Her bf sneaks into her dorm room and not only does he fuck her face... he gives her a good butt fucking too, all the while she wears her slutty schoolgirl uniform.

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About Face Down Ass Up University...

Dean phil-flashMission Statement: Face Down Ass Up University educates and disciplines naughty schoolgirls and prepares them for a lifetime of lowered sexual inhibitions, through a faculty dedicated to making their mothers proud.

The Student Body consists of the following classes...

Student Body
FreshmanNon Nude Teens
SophomoreTopless Amateur Girls
JuniorNude Schoolgirls
SeniorTheir Mom's are Proud

What is FDAU University all about and how did it start up? The face down and ass up pose has got to be one of my all time favorite poses, and saying it during shoots got to be kind of a long phrase to say. To shorten it up, I would say FDAU to the girls and they would get into the pose. So after a few years into my career, I got to thinking about how many schoolgirl sets I had shot... and I realized that I was infatuated with the look. When you combine the "FDAU" acronym with my fetish for hot schoolgirls in sexy uniforms... the idea for Face Down Ass Up University was formed.

  • 48 Slutty Schoolgirls
  • 165 Schoolgirl Videos
  • Access to other sites
  • 40 Next Door Nikki topless stash pics & 4 stash videos
  • 4 MeganQt topless stash pics
  • Clean & organized member area
  • Perfect "Download Center"
  • Zipped and ready to rip image sets
  • New & Remastered Updates include an in depth set description

A meaningful collection is built over time, with hard work and experiences.

The great philosopher photographer... phil-flash
Phoenix Forum 2008
The Class Trip... WTF Happened?

There are 19 photo sets and 27 videos from the Class Trip, which tell lots fun, sexy, dramatic, and interesting stories. Find out about the "drowned camera", how Kendall set her career ablaze, who won the naked dodgeball tournament, the three hour live webcam show, and much much more!

Phoenix Forum 2008
Phoenix Forum 2008
More Jessie CoxChoke... the chicken!

A Few of the Dean's Favorites...

Emma Mason
Megan Summers
Teen Kasia
Next Door Nikki
Megan Summers
Brooke & Megan
Loveable Lacey
Karen & MeganQt
Kristina with a K
Teen Kasia
Misty Anderson
Little Rachel
Jessie & Little Rachel
Sexy Celeste
Britney Brookes
Teen Kasia
Next Door Nikki
Kendall Blaze
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