Megan Summers dances on a stripper pole
TitleSexy Schoolgirl Stripper
StatusRemastered - Final
Release Date2018-08-30
Animated Dancing Collage

Sexy Schoolgirl Stripper
Megan Summers

Dean phil-flash avatarFace Down Ass Up University student Megan Summers outdid herself last night at Club phil-flash. Her schoolgirl club wear looked phenomenal, it showed off her sexy waist and her little yet big white girl bubble butt. This 9 minute two song topless set will leave you enraptured. Megan flirts with the camera, she is having noticeable fun, her movements are girly, sexy, and even dainty, her hips are fucking magical, and most importantly... her performance on stage is extremely uninhibited. You will not want to look away, not even for a second to grab another Dorito chip, because if you do, then missing out on Summers' sexiness... will be the price that you will pay.

thonged butt bent over
If you are on the tour, the link below is a free full sized premium members only picture. If you are in the members area, this picture is the very first of the set. Be sure to collect it here, it is not included in the zip file download.

This video is 100% addictive. I have watched it from beginning to end more than 10 times. I cannot seem to get enough. It's so good, that I beamed it up to my Apple TV so I could watch it on the 60 inch. And yes, I was on my couch eating Doritos... LOL! There are parts when you will think, wow, this girl is a seasoned stripper. That was smooth as heck. And then there are parts when you can tell that she has barely danced in front of a mirror at home, there is a bit of stage awkwardness going on. But here is the kicker, when you combine what seems to be her natural ability to strip tease with her natural awkward-isms... it's hotter. But the best, sexiest, and most captivating thing about this video is that Megan was just having fun. Take your eyes off of her... you cannot.

I did not focus on the the photo set this time. I just wanted to capture Megan dancing and the fantasy of her up on a strip club stage. So I transformed myself into phil-no-flash. I wanted the video to look it's best and not be riddled with the red camera focus light and fill flashes. When your camera flash is off, you can take a lot of pictures rather quickly. I ended up with 186 images, most of which totally suck. They are blurs of blonde hair. I was able to capture a few awesome shots though, some with a slight blur,but still good enough. Anyway, I am telling you this so that when see a few blurry pics, that you don't think that I am that shitty of a photographer.

See those TITTIES JIGGLE on the stripper stage!

A meaningful collection is built over time, with hard work and experiences.

The great philosopher photographer... phil-flash

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Showcase Megan Summers

Megan Summers straddles the bunk bed post topless

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