TitlePlayboy Schoolgirl
Release Date2023-10-03

Playboy Schoolgirl

Dean phil-flash avatarPlaying dress up in a Playboy Halloween schoolgirl costume... how fucking cute! Makenzie really liked the "pink room" at the shoot house... so we shot in there a lot! Makenzie really enjoyed playing the little girl role in this set. She was getting turned on for sure... she kept doing those poses that make you feel like a dirty old man... and the little giggles that she was making were um... HOT!

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Photo SetOriginal3000 x 20084045.06 MBZip File

Showcase Makenzie

Makenzie kneeling in a schoolgirl uniform
Makenzie's sweater pulled up showing her breasts
Makenzie wears a crop top hoodie showing cleavage
Makenzie's wet t-shirt opened exposing her boobs

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