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DOBNovember 5
Height5' 1"
Weight101 lbs.
FDAU ClassJunior
Makenzie looking confused

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Dean phil-flash avatarMeet Makenzie, a hot, 18-year old little blonde—with big boobs!!! She's from Canada... eh. I got in touch with her via a girl I did business with a few years back, Cassie LeAnne. I had bought all of Cassie's sites and included in the content was Makenzie.

Ohhh my God! When did you say you wanted to shoot?

When I saw her pictures I was like, oh fuck me! I have to have this girl... collect more of her... I must. So, as part of the deal I made with Cassie... I wanted Makenzie's contact information included as well.

I sent a cold email, including details about who, what, when, where... and how much. I got a response the same day, but she did not seem very interested. Persistance pays off, as my Dad always told me. Or in this case, COSTS! LOL.

So I called her up, and we discussed shooting. I couldn't tell over the phone, if she was excited or not... I am thinking it was probably because she is just 18, and might have been nervous or something.

Either way, I did not feel like I had this shoot locked down. So I made her an offer she could not refuse. $10,000 and fully nude. What do you say? "Ohhh my God! When did you say you wanted to shoot? ehh"

I hope that you enjoy all $10,000 worth of Makenzie's beauty as well as those wonderful all natural DD boobies.

A meaningful collection is built over time, with hard work and experiences.

The great philosopher photographer... phil-flash

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Makenzie kneeling in a schoolgirl uniform
Makenzie's sweater pulled up showing her breasts
Makenzie wears a crop top hoodie showing cleavage
Makenzie's wet t-shirt opened exposing her boobs

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