Jessie Cox
Model Data Jessie Cox
DOBMay 19
Height5' 1"
Shoe Size7
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Ass Fucked Schoolgirl
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The Dean of Mean I entered dorm room #103 for a surprise inspection. Jessie Cox was sitting on her bed with her Face Down Ass Up University shirt pulled up around her neck, she was covering her little titties with a pillow, and I could'nt help but notice, her sexy argyle over the knee socks and mary jane shoes that she was still wearing... even though classes ended over two hours ago.

This was highly suspicious. My gut instinct told me that there was a boy in the dorms! I looked around her room, and not to my surprise, I discovered some duche bag dude hiding in her closet. FDAU Code, Section A states that boys found in the dorm room of any student is grounds for immediate expulsion, unless the Dean deems otherwise.

Jessie pleads with me to get out of trouble...

Please! Please! Just don't tell my parents.

Naughty Schoolgirl... Jessie Cox

I suggested that the boy I found in her closet fuck her up the ass... in which case, I would forget about the incident. Jessie gets on all fours, like a fucking dog and starts to suck dude's cock. I fired up my cameras and began to take porn pictures and video for the Yearbook.

The excitement to see Jessie get butt fucked was overwhelmming, which is why I did not check my camera settings before shooting the pictures. The Nikon was set to black and white, so the entire set of photos is color minus. The pics are still worth seeing, the set includes shots of Jessie with cock stuffed down her throat, a couple of gaping asshole shots, and her pretty little face littered with cum!

The members video is 28 minutes long, and includes footage of Jessie getting fucked from behind, ass fucked, and throat fucked! I'll have to say, that her boyfriend doesn't have much mercy, he was pretty brutal!

Also found during the dorm inspection, was a little digital camera that was still recording. I confiscated the camera and uploaded the 12 minute amateur video to the Yearbook pages as well!

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Ass Fucked Schoolgirl
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TitleAss Fucked Schoolgirl
StatusOriginal Release
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Butt fucked with argyle socks and mary jane shoes

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