TitleSchoolgirl Fucks Herself in Public
Release Date2023-10-03

Schoolgirl Fucks Herself in Public
Teen Kasia

Dean phil-flash avatarIf you saw set #54 "Self Fucking Schoolgirl", then this one will look familiar. There is a significant difference however, this set, set #60 "Schoolgirl Fucks Herself in Public" was shot at an actual real public park!

There are a few reasons why I shot two different sets with the same outfit. Firstly, the schoolgirl uniform that Kasia wears in this set was an absolute favorite of hers, and mine as well. And lastly, after shooting the first set, I really liked the fantasy behind the set, and I wanted to do another version in a real public setting.

Imagine that you were walking through campus and you encountered a petite schoolgirl standing up against a tree fucking herself in public? What would you do?

This set's video is 5 minutes in length, a little dark, and a little amateurish, but these things give the content it's charm. The best part, to me at least, is that I focused on Teen Kasia's self pleasuring facial expressions more than usual. How can one resist though, they are so friggin sexy!

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