TitleThe Punishment Due
Release Date2023-10-03

The Punishment Due
Teen Kasia

Dean phil-flash avatarStudent/Faculty Wars... The Punishment Due! Probably, like most colleges, Face Down Ass Up University has an ongoing war with it's students. They like to skip their classes, and in their classes—we need their asses!

Upon recieving the attendance report for the morning classes, I realized that Teen Kasia was absent from her English class. It's no wonder why she is failing this class. Being the responible Dean that I am, I went to see what the naughty schoolgirl Kasia was up to.

I knocked on dorm room #23's door, and Kasia let me in. She was topless and wearing a purple and white striped thong (OMFG!) as well as a pair of shiny black thigh high stockings. What a lovely surprise that was!

Kasia had a little attitude, she acted like she did not give a crap about not being in class. Could there be a better response to this attitude, than the pile driver? Maybe, maybe not, but this position I tell you, is another way to put her in a face down ass up position!

Now, in the pile driver postion, with all of her weight on her neck and shoulders, I made Teen Kasia finger fuck herself and masturbate to orgasm, for yet another yearbook photo and video set!

You have to see Kasia's stomach when she masturbates, it's an amazing site, to see the physical pleasure from self fucking spreading throughout her petite body!

Punishment administered!

Kasia finger-fucks herself in the piledriver pose!

A meaningful collection is built over time, with hard work and experiences.

The great philosopher photographer... phil-flash

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