TitleDorm Room Dancing
Release Date2023-10-03

Dorm Room Dancing
Teen Kasia

Dean phil-flash avatarHave you ever wanted to see a real teen girl at home dancing in front of her mirror... with no inhibitions??? Here is your chance! The fact that I shot this sexy content for my websites, does not take any reality factor away from the pictures or video! Kasia IS Kasia... in front of a camera... or not!

Teen Kasia avatarYou know what, I wanna DANCE... realllleee!

We visited our new college student, Kasia, a few hours after she had just moved into her dorm room, here on the Face Down Ass Up University Campus, and wow... she had made herself comfortable with the quickness. She had photos of her friends taped to the walls, posters up, etc.

As our yearbook video progressed, the background music began to invade Kasia's mind, body, and soul. She said "You know what, I wanna DANCE... realllleee!" She then the turns up the music and dances freely for six and a half minutes! Wow! Amazing! So Hot!

Kasia dances and makes unbelievable eye contact with the yearbook video camera... she has this unique ability to "mind fuck" those who look into her eyes... it's almost as if she has the powers of Medusa!

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