TitleAlt Schoolgirl Uniform
Release Date2023-10-03

Alt Schoolgirl Uniform
Teen Kasia

Dean phil-flash avatarKasia, our new foreign exchange student was in her dorm room studying, and the Dean of Mean... barges into her room and interupts her with his video camera already recording. To his surprise and delight, Kasia was still in her schoolgirl uniform.

The Dean and Kasia go back and forth with funnies, all the while she is posing and showing her goods to the camera. It's very entertaining to watch Kasia getting naked, posing to the camera, and having a conversation barricaded by different languages.

There are some gems in the video! Kasia spreads her little pink pussy open as the camera films from above... WOW! What a site! It's like the first time you ever saw a picture of the earth from space.

I am certain, that Kasia's mother... back in Poland, is proud of her daughter. Not only did Kasia show her tits, finger her pussy, spread her pussy, spread her legs wide open, and, she even turn around and give us an all fours view of her butthole straight on... but she also picked out and put together her schoolgirl uniform for her first yearbook photos and video!

I decided to give Kasia extra credit for her creativity in her uniform. I have seen lots and lots of schoolgirl uniforms in my day, but I cannot recall mesh knee socks. The skull on her blouse, the skull on her tie, and the mesh knee socks give her a bit of an alt girl look... which I completely dig!! Hopefully you appreciate the little things like this as well...

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