Next Door Nikki
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TitleSchoolgirl Strips for Money
StatusRemastered - Final Release
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Next Door Nikki

Schoolgirl Strips for Money
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phil-fucking-flash Most Face Down Ass Up University students turn to stripping to make extra money. This is due to the exorbitant comprehensive fees imposed onto the student body by me, "The Dean of Mean"... phil-flash. These fees include the cost of tuition, room, and board. If you have not figured it out yet, this is by design. I mean, who wouldn't want all of their hot students to make bad desicions and become a stripper. Next Door Nikki was no exception. With her sky high debt and dire need of fast cash, turned to stripping at club phil-flash... she did.

Editing my content has become a delightful part of my job recently. I am noticing things that were oblivious to me in the past. For example, I always thought Nikki was very attractive... (I would bang her in a heartbeat) but I never really cared too much about her oversized gi-normous all natural DD boobs. I was more into her legs and ass. However, while remastering this set I watched the video for the first time... and Ooooooaaaah... fuck me... Nikki's hips make me want to have about 43 kids with her. Just shove it all the way in between her legs... one last deep thrust... and blast 43 loads into her cervix while watching her gorgeous brown eyes roll back into her head. If you don't get me yet... she has some super sexy hips that I really never really noticed before, but now I am into those too. Watch them sway from side to side in this video... you must! In the future, as I edit and release more Nikki content... mindful of her hips... I shall be... how about you?

next-door-nikki I've always loved strippers dressed as school girls! (Thanks Davey for this outfit, I effin love it!)

Next Door Nikki

I will have to give Nikki some serious credit for completing this set. When you watch the video, you will notice that she looks over at her new boyfriend who tagged along for this entire two day shoot. She was either nervously looking for approval from him or I dunno... either way, it must have been difficult to dance on a stage in front of a new person. Also, when an "escort or friend" tags along, it always interferes with the mojo between myself and the model. You will notice that our mojo was not what you may have seen before, but still... it is interesting entertainment to watch. You can tell that Nikki has frequented a few strip clubs in her day, she is able to pull off a few stripper moves, although a bit awkwardly... haha haah mahaha! And towards the end, it's obvious that she could not wait to walk off stage and out of camera view, but she did finish her two song stripper set.

My last thoughts on this set. Like all photo sets, there are the really hot shots, the not so hot shots but still sexy, and then... the shots that are just WOW! Well... the shots toward the end of the set, pay close attention to them. Nikki's brown eyes are absolutely stunning, the highlights in her hair are perfect, the shiny diamond facial piercings add more hot detail to her already beautiful face, and her bee-stung lips irresistible. So in close, I urge you not to be a typical porn consumer and enjoy all aspects of Nikki as well as the other girls on my site, because don't forget... most all of them were not or are not porn stars, they did not live in L.A., and to see them in this state is a rare, exciting, and sexy treat for us all.

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Next Door Nikki
Next Door Nikki
Next Door Nikki
Next Door Nikki
Next Door Nikki
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