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TitleSelf Fucking Schoolgirl
StatusOriginal - Final
Animated Fun57
Shoot Date2008-07-24
Release Date2020-01-24
bouncing boobies

Self Fucking Schoolgirl
Megan Summers

Dean phil-flash avatarUnlike most Face Down Ass Up University photo sets and videos, this one of Megan Summers was voluntary. You know... the students usually get into some kind of trouble and then the Dean of Mean phil-flash forces them to make a "yearbook video or photo set or both". So Miss Summers was in my office in just her panties and little plaid hot socks... I wonder why??? She mentioned that there was a delivery truck driver in the parking lot and wanted to do a "public display" for him. You see, this girl is quite the freak. Thanks to Megan for oferring up this lovely idea of hers.

First up, the video. Listen closely during the video, you can hear Megan's wet pussy snap, crackling, and popping. You can also hear the truck drivers air breaks a couple of times and if you watch closely, Megan looks out towards the parking lot/druck driver to make sure she is being watched. In true form, Dean phil-flash instructed his student that he wanted her to be squatting and tiptoed the entire time that she self fucked. He also instructed her that he wanted her to bounce up and down as if she were on top riding cowgirl... AND THIS created a most fantastic side effect. Just watch those perfect C-Cup boobs bouncing and jiggling everywhere. Oh my!

The photo set... so after Megan finger fucked herself to orgasm, the Dean took some yearbook photos. This picture set contains 6 "secret stash shots" which include some holy grail butthole shots and probably the most of Megan's pussy we have ever seen. Or that I can recall anyway.

Watch Megan fuck herself right now!

A meaningful collection is built over time, with hard work and experiences.

The great philosopher photographer... phil-flash

Animated Fun Showcase Self Fucking Schoolgirl

Animated Fun Disclaimer: Please be advised that the animations I created here are for fun. They may or may not depict actual events. They are strictly for fun and fantasy.

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Photo SetOriginal - Final3872 x 259241208.21 MBZip File
SlipsFrom p-f's secret stash3872 x 2592625.73 MBZip File
OuttakesDidn't make the final cut, but still good!3872 x 2592528.93 MBZip File
Animated FunFun, sexy, and WTF handmade animated GIFs1366 x 76857250.88 MBZip File
SD VideoThe Self Fucking1440 x 108010.93 GBMP4 Video

Showcase Megan Summers

Megan Summers dances on a stripper pole
Megan Summers straddles the bunk bed post topless

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