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DOBMay, 3
Height5' 4"
Weight103 lbs.
FDAU ClassSenior
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Megan Summers
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Dean phil-flash avatarMegan Summers started shooting for me as an exclusive girl around 2004 or 2005. she was just 19 years old! We shot once or twice and I decided to offer her a website. We decided to name it after her real name... Megan

To this day... I cannot believe how much I did not appreciate titties... I mean I knew that she had nice tits... but I was still in love with legs and ass when we started shooting. Looking back though... wow! I seriously appreciate those perfect tits of Megan's.

Megan and I shot for several years... all the way up and to 2008. That's when Obama and the economy fucked everything up... not to mention I was wrapping up my divorce (10 year marriage). My point is... that I wanted Megan to continue to have her site... she was one of the better models. She always did her camshows, allways showed up for shoots, etc.

But like I was saying... 2008... one of the ugliest financial years of my life... fucked everything up. I was forced to close my office, let 9 employees go, and let all of the models go. Most of them were on their way out anyway...

Megan's work ethic... I really liked though... so I brought her into my office (before I closed it) and tought her how to edit pictures and video. I gave her the software to be able to do it as well. I think I even gave her a laptop! lol

So this lasted for maybe 6 months to a year before she either just quit updating the site and or thought I was not paying her any attention any longer. Well actually her last update that she did was in May of 2009. I dunno what happened to her... she JUST DISAPEARED!

Regardless of the what happened... her content is classic! The stuff her and I shot is and will always be special to me.

A meaningful collection is built over time, with hard work and experiences.

The great philosopher photographer... phil-flash

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Megan Summers dances on a stripper pole
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