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TitleMegan's Magic Show
StatusRemastered - Final
Animated Fun128
Shoot Date2008-01-15
Release Date2021-11-29
cuffed white socks and black platform high heels

Megan's Magic Show

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Megan dances the most exciting and hottest two song dance sets that I have ever seen. The lights, the music, the dancing, the Meg—OMFG! You get photos, videos, screenshots, and animated gifs in this beautifully remastered set.

Unwise—you shall be—if you don't read the rest of me!

MeganQt avatarWhich do you prefer?? I get requests for different music... so in this video... 2 different songs... 1 I have never heard before and 1 from my collection!! :) Enjoy!

The Patron

It was 2 AM, and I was traveling East on Route 666 on my way home after work. I noticed that the new gentleman's club was finally open. How could I not? The massive neon sign read; Club p-f Grand Opening Main Event - 3 AM Tonight Local Schoolgirl Magic Show Whoah! Spontaneously, I pulled off, parked, paid, and patronized the posh establishment.

The Platinum Blonde Stripper

A few drinks in, I found myself in the VIP lounge getting a private lap dance from a gorgeous platinum blonde called Tiffany. Since it was a private dance, I will keep the details to myself. Fucking strippers!

The Aura

2:56 AM, time to grab a table up front. An elongated fade to the music and lights became apparent. My watch read 2:59AM. A sense of excitement and tension filled the room. It felt as if at any moment, Michael Buffer would appear and excitedly announce... It's Time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Voice

The lights went out. Subdued crowd ambiance was all that could be heard. Random cigarettes being puffed on was all that could be seen. A bluesy track kicked off with a fantastic bass guitar lick. Simultaneously, a powerful and ominous voice cracked through the loudspeakers. In an upbreat yet strangely casual tempo, the voice uttered... "Gentlemen, A freshman from face down ass up university makes her way to the stage. She's curly, she got hot legs. Please welcome with class..." (voice builds and escalates) "MeganQt (echoes) and her tight teen fucking ass!" The voice, the build, the darkness, the anticipation—fucking goosebumps!

The Body Heat

The lights and a rock n' roll song kicked on. I felt a smooth and tender touch sensation as her body heat transferred from her to my arm. She had purposely swayed her left thigh into me as she "made her way to the stage." Fucking strippers.

The Body Spray

And, OMFG! The body spray that she wore—instantly, it melted me to the core. The scent of her still and will—plague me—forevermore.

The Confusion

Finally, she passes by and steps up and onto the stage. What to look at? Those curls, that ass, those legs, those calves, or those cuffed white socks and patent leather Mary Jane platform high heels? As if in slow motion, I recall her trailing leg extended fully as her calf muscle flexed. What to look at, still—confused and perplexed. As she took that last step up, up her schoolgirl skirt, I was able to peek. A glimpse, I saw of one, yup, a single fucking ass cheek.

The Show

Megan danced magically; the music, lights, and smoke did not bore. This must-see show must be seen; just pay the cover at Club p-f's door!

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Here are 249 extras for my members. Some of the poses in the video were so good that I had to go through the entire thing frame by frame and grab these screenshots. Enjoy!.

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Animated Fun Disclaimer: Please be advised that the animations I created here are for fun. They may or may not depict actual events. They are strictly for fun and fantasy.

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