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DOBJuly 4
Height5' 5"
Weight123 lbs.
FDAU ClassFreshman
cuffed white socks and black platform high heels

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Dean phil-flash avatarI shot Megan’s senior pictures for her at the age of 18. Little did she know, of my naughty intentions to put her on the Internet as an almost nude teen. Here is how the story goes... One day while sorting mail at the Post Office for my route, I heard a new female voice talking to John, a coworker that I was friendly with. The voice was young and cute, I was dying to see what she looked like!

Peeking through a crack in my mail sorting case, I could see curly shoulder length light brown hair with highlights and a breathe taking ass, jumped into a skintight pair of Baby Phat jeans. This must be John’s daughter, I thought. By now, I had died three times! Her voice was so cute, her hair was so curly, and her ass was so, um—round! I had to put a face to that ass!

MeganQt avatarWELCOME TO MY SITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are in for a treat! I have been doing this for awhile now so you can start at the beginning and see how much I have changed! I have grown up a lot and I would say I only get better with age! I have tons of pictures and videos and other fun things here and there... like pics I take myself... HAVE FUN!!! MUAH!!

So I made my way out of my mail sorting case to get more rubber bands and to get a vantage point to see if this girl’s face matched everything else. Wow… did it match! I was not expecting to see such a pretty young thing with braces in the Post Office, everyone that works there is usually older and weathered looking.

I was 28 years old at this time, and had just found my young lust. Keep in mind that I had not started y adult business yet. I had no idea that I would be phil-flash and that I would have a website featuring Megan in 8 months or so.

At this point in time, I was already dabbling in photography and had an offer to postal employees for a senior picture package for $180. Mainstream photography was not my thing though. Posing families or a guy for his senior pictures was not photography to me, it was boredom.

I was excited to see if John would bite my offer though. Actually, I was dying for him to bite! Yeah, that’s the fourth time I died now over his daughter... that sounds pretty creepy. LOL

Well you guessed it. John bit the senior picture offer bait and I had a shoot set up with Megan at the state park. We took a whole bunch of pictures, I even got her to get into the river for two different outfits.

I got Megan’s panties... [continued]

What happened to Megan's panties?

A meaningful collection is built over time, with hard work and experiences.

The great philosopher photographer... phil-flash

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spinning around a stripper pole

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