Kristina shows off her schoolgirl uniform, pigtails, and thigh high stockings
TitlePigtailed Schoolgirl
Release Date2016-08-08
Animated schoolgirl with pigtails

Pigtailed Schoolgirl
Kristina with a K

Dean phil-flash avatarI got excited when I heard Kristina with a K approaching my back porch, her high heel walk was swift and sexy... and captured on video as well. That distinct sound of heels gets me everytime! Hit with a stun gun... I was, when she appeared in her naughty schoolgirl outfit, complete with sexy black thigh high stockings on her long and sexy legs and her lengthy golden hair, all done up in pigtails!

We started the photo shoot portion of this set. Thirty-two pictures in, and I finally got her top off, but she gave me a hand bra shot! Ugh... ok... let's see them titties Kristina... and boom! Oh fuck me! I had been dying for this moment! She has a small pair of really pretty and perky tits, and the look on her face (caught on video) of that exact second when she revealed them, is priceless! I love the... "Oh shit! I just did it, I just showed my tits to the entire world for the first time ever expression" that most girls make when showing thier boobies for the first time.

Back to that fucking hair! As Kristina moved inbetween poses, I found myself admiring her hair, it's so long and so sexy! I wondered what those pigtails would look like in action, you know, on all fours getting hammered from behind... on top bouncing up and down... and on and on. That's how my mind works. It was driving me crazy! I have no idea how I keep myself composed when shooting, but somehow I do.

Kristina's Face Down Ass Up Universtiy enrollment main video is a multicam edit, full HD, and 13 minutes in length. The download center also includes 3 clips, one for each angle of the all fours rocking back and forth as well as 3 more clips, for the 3 angles of footage of the squat torture portion of the full length video. On top of that, members get a 16 minute full HD behind the scenes video of the photo shoot... AND the awkward event, the mis-speak blooper that I mentioned on Kristina's portfolio page. That's 9 videos and over 30 minutes of footage!

Reveal Kristina's misspoken inner desire, that is—once you have become a Member!

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Download Center Pigtailed Schoolgirl

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Photo SetOriginal3000 x 200063237.90 MBZip File
HD VideoYearbook Shoot1920 x 108011.20 GBMP4 Video
HD VideoEnrollment1920 x 108010.96 GBMP4 Video
HD VideoAll 4's (Angle 1)1920 x 10801230.62 MBMP4 Video
HD VideoAll 4's (Angle 2)1920 x 10801229.23 MBMP4 Video
HD VideoAll 4's (Angle 3)1920 x 10801229.43 MBMP4 Video
HD VideoSquat Torture (Angle 1)1920 x 10801119.19 MBMP4 Video
HD VideoSquat Torture (Angle 2)1920 x 10801118.89 MBMP4 Video
HD VideoSquat Torture (Angle 3)1920 x 10801119.17 MBMP4 Video
HD VideoWants My Cock1920 x 1080132.71 MBMP4 Video

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