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DOBAug. 26
Height5' 5"
Weight118 lbs.
FDAU ClassFreshman

Kristi Kitty
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Dean phil-flash avatarBecoming a newly enrolled Freshman at Face Down Ass Up University was almost a no go for Kristi and her kitty. The enrollment application has a question and answer portion, which asks... "What is your favorite activity?" Kristi's answer was... "I like to play with my kitty!" Well, there are no pets allowed in the dorm rooms, and Freshman are required to live in the dorms, so I sent her application back declined, with a note that said no pets at FDAU. Kristi came to my office and explained that it was not a real cat, it was her pussy that she liked to play with. Upon hearing that, I picked up my presidential pen, signed her enrollement application, and welcomed our new and naughty kitty playing with schoolgirl.

Kristi has a little problem with her pronunciation, which our faculty members hope to help her with. When she says Mr. Cox, who happens to the University's Cock Suckology Professor, she pronounces it as Mr. Cock. If you don't believe me, watch her first dorm room inspection video. I am not so sure, that this is in fact a pronunciation problem though. I think that Kristi self mind fucks herself, and is thinking about cock constantly. And that, my fellow faculty members, or faculty members to be, is my type of naughty schoolgirl!

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