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DOBMarch 9
Height5' 4"
Weight97 lbs.
FDAU ClassFreshman

Krissy Love
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Dean phil-flash avatarDo you like petite, skinny girls with big b( . )( . )bs? If so... then Krissy is for you! It is certainly a pleasure to be able to view what we are able to view of Krissy... as her body and modeling attitude are pretty ah... conservative (for me at least)... SO... to be able to see her bent over in a thong... or topless with a hand bra is something of an extremely nature!

Krissy Love!

Somewhere... Back In Time... maybe around 2003 or 2004 there was this new non nude website that came out called I was busy running my sites at the time... but I was quite interested in her.

She has a look... the freckles, the big tits, that tiny skinny petite body... she just needed to be COLLECTED!!!

I watched her webmaster run her site into the ground... and when he put it up for sale... I was biting hard! I probably overspent... but don't we all :)

Needless to say... KrissyLove became part of my network... she actually moved to Illinois where I was running my operation, and started shooting with me and the p-f staffers.

Around 2005, I started shooting more and more topless stuff of other models and there were rumblings within the ranks of my non nude models... leading the pack was ah... Krissy.

I recall having a meeting with her and my x-wife at my office... she was being a little snot about the type of content that I was shooting with other girls and she was threatening to leave... well uh... the meeting was kind of a waste of time. Because she never left (because of that), and I did not change what I was doing either.

All she really did was highlight her opinion in a spoiled brat manner... but I guess that is what we love about these girls... they can be spoiled brats and we continue to deal with them... lol... WHY???

A meaningful collection is built over time, with hard work and experiences.

The great philosopher photographer... phil-flash

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