Brooke & Megan
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The Dean of MeanBrooke & Megan are ah... um... yeah... real sisters! I know some of you won't believe it... but it is true :) They are two twisted little sisters from out west LET ME TELL YOU! So I get an email with some pics attached and it is these two. They talk about how they are tired of stripping and they want to experiment with the intraweb. Well I offered them a trip down for some enrollment / yearbook photo shoots to see how well they would do. Here is the more interesting part(s) of the story :) hehehe Brooke (the brunette) is waaaaaay dominant over her sister... and Megan is waaaaaaay such a submissive little fuck. Once I started to notice this... I used it to my advantage in my thinking of the yearbook set concepts :) To add to that... based on some of the ideas that Brooke wanted to inject into the set concepts that I had... the more I realized that it turned her on... to turn out her sister :) And to add to THAT... I would bet my Hummer H2 that I could have made them go all out... pussy eating and all. But they are sisters... and we cannot have that now... because some lawmakers make that shit illegal. And it should be... but at the same time... it would have been hot as fuck to watch these two little whores do eachother up... I would have to admit :)

Brooke & Megan
Student Data
Photo Sets3
DOB03/30 | 08/12
Height5'7" | 5'10"
Weight118 | 110
BustA | B
Shoe Size7 | 7.5

Brooke & Megan
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