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phil-flash's AvatarAnna is a 21 year old college student from Texas. She played Tennis in high school... take a look at her legs! I fell in love with them when I saw them all tightened up in the tip toe pose. Ok... she has this voice of a little seetheart... if you heard her speak... well I am sure you do in the videos... but you would not think a girl with her voice would be capable of spreading her legs wide open for us perverts!

Let's talk about her incredible body real quick... ass --> love it! legs --> yum yum! tits --> nice juicy C cups (hang a little off... but whatever... are you perfect?

Anna started out non nude and went topless rather quickly. I think it was the second or third shoot that she just whipped them out. I was like... hell yeah! Looking back at her content and our shoot experiences... I am kinda pissed at myself. This girl was ready to be exxxploited! Fuck... I mean there were shoots and videos that we shot... where all I probably had to say was... "now move your panties to the side and finger that hot little box" and I bet ya... that she would have done it!

I was such a niave numb head! But I guess we do not get where we are at... without experiance. So I know better now when I get another girl like her :)

I hope that you like Anna's content! She did have her own site called Anna's Assets. But after about 2 years of running it she started to flake. This kind of goes with the story of her wanting to go further with her sexuality and the content shooting. I am pretty sure that she was getting pressure from back home about her site. I had a letter and a few phone calls from Anna where I thought she had lost her mind.

The letter said something like this... "It has been a pleasure working for phil-flash. I hope all is well with you and your future... but Anna needs to move on. Love Anna." Then I would call her up and ask about it... and she would say... No No No phil! I want to keep my site and keep shooting. Anyway... this went on for about the last six months of her online career with Anna's Assets dot com.

I Njoyed my experiences with Anna... I think of her as a friend still... and hope her well in her future... but now... let's take a look at her hot young naughty college girl... "I did this for money" content...

Anna's Assets
Student Data
Photo Sets5
DOBDec. 6
Height5' 4"
Shoe Size7

Anna's Assets
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