Naughty Schoolgirls

The Dean of MeanMission Statement: Face Down Ass Up University educates and disciplines naughty schoolgirls and prepares them for a lifetime of lowered sexual inhibitions, through a faculty dedicated to making their mothers proud.

What is FDAU University all about and how did it start up? The face down and ass up pose has got to be one of my all time favorite poses, and saying it during shoots got to be kind of a long phrase to say. To shorten it up, I would say FDAU to the girls and they would get into the pose. So a few years into this career and I was thinking about how many schoolgirl sets I had shot... and I realized that I was infatuated with the look. So when you combine the "FDAU" acronym with my fetish for hot schoolgirls in sexy uniforms... the idea for Face Down Ass Up University was formed.

The Student Body consists of the following classes...

FreshmanNon Nude Teens
SophomoreTopless Amateur Girls
JuniorNude Schoolgirls
SeniorTheir Mom's are Proud

Enjoy the tour...

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First Time Topless Schoolgirl
Emma Mason made to do the face down ass up pose and show her tits for the first time!
College Teen
Makenzie's video game turns into a naked exhibition of a big bOObed student body!
Cock Suckology
Asian exchange student Tia Ling, passes Cock-Suck-Ology with her deep throat and willingness to submit to Dean phil-flash!
Tiffant standing butt shot
sexy leg pose
self fucking
bent over butt shot

Butt Fucked by the boyfriend...

Usually, when boyfriends, "friends", and "escorts" tagalong to a shoot, they become a massive nuisance. They talk, ask questions, laugh in the middle of a video, break my focus, and just annoy the fuck out of me! But this time around, I was able to convince him to help exploit his 18 year old girlfriend... Jessie. Think about it, if he did not come for her "security", then Jessie wasn't going to take some dick up her ass, except for in my imagination. : -) Free Trailer Video

doggy style fucking animation

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17 Naughty Schoolgirls
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